Private Tuition - Makeup

All of the lessons we run at the academy can be taken as a private tuition. 

You can start with 1 day and progress to as many days you feel you need to master your new skill or to brush up on the skills you already have.

You can follow our teaching schedules or we can suggest content we feel you would benefit from learning. These days are bespoke so we can ensure you get the most out of your learning.

For an introduction into makeup which you would graduate with a  CLMA certificate of completion with, a minimum of 4 days is needed.

Private tuition allows you the flexibility of matching times, lesson plans and tutors to your individual requirements. We advise the best course of action for anyone considering private tuition.

This tuition allows you the flexibility of learning what you choose to learn.

Once completed you will be:


Confident in your ability to offer makeup.


Clarity in the techniques and products you need to become successful.


Experienced in the etiquette of the industry.

What Will I Learn? 


1. Discounts apply for bookings of 4 days or more.

2.  CLMA Certificate on block bookings of 4+ days

3. Learn from artists with up to date industry experience.


Your payment options...

CLMA tutor


£350 per day

Or £300 per day when booking 4+ days


Option to buy the CLMA makeup kit and brushes at discounted rate of £300
(r.r.p £400)


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