Private Tuition - Hairstyling

If you want to add hairstyling to your skills and need dates to work around you then you may be happy to hear that at CLMA we tailor make a course in hair styling to suit your personal needs.

You can start with 1 day and progress to as many days you feel you need to master your new skill.

For Makeup Artists that can offer hair styling, this can open up many more opportunities. Not only that but it can significantly increase your income because you will be doing more work, hence more pay.

Lots of clients like the convenience of having one artist, so it's always beneficial to have hair skills.

This course is bespoke so you can choose the dates and the content you want to learn.

Once completed this course will give you:


Skills to work with your clients hair and create their desired look.


Product and tools knowledge.


Knowledge on pricing and marketing your new skill.

What Will I Learn?


Use our academy hair tools and brushes at CLMA whilst you learn.


You will also have the opportunity to buy a ready made MUA's basic hair kit.

CLMA cost £65 (R.R.P £95).


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Your Payment Options...

CLMA Tutor 


£350 per day


+ Classes run 10am to 4.30pm

+ Specialised hair tutor working in the industry

+ One to one intense training

+ Practical sessions on dolls heads and models

Let's book it

4+ Days Block Booking


£300 per day


+ Intense practical training

+ Follow CLMA trusted lesson plan

+ Graduate with a certificate in hairstyling

+ Start booking in hair jobs with confidence


For block bookings call 0161 872 9111

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