Training at Makeup College Vs. Training at a Private Makeup Academy

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Here at Cassie Lomas Makeup Academy we find a common question is, "What’s the difference in learning at a makeup college vs. a private academy?" We are also asked about level 1, 2 & 3, B. Tech courses, accreditations and all different kind of ‘makeup industry’ qualifications.

The route you chose & how you chose to study is completely up to you, however, there are some differences to training with a college vs. a private makeup academy.

Colleges have to follow a set list of requirements for their courses, to match a teaching plan and schedule, these can often been dated & inflexible. Which, in an ever changing industry doesn’t always give students a true reflection of current makeup trends & practices.

We find at CLMA we are constantly updating our courses & changing content. We are always freshening up our schedule and making sure every aspect is relevant for the current makeup industry.

Ultimately, the end goal is for all of our students to be working in the career they have longed for, which all starts with relevant training.

We also expose our students across all of our courses to industry working professionals, who can advise them & put them in contact with other industry professionals to help them to gain experience. A college tutor may have industry contacts, however they may not be able to share contacts across a large number of students.

The above is why we like to keep our class sizes small, this way all our students receive the full attention they deserve & need to reach their full potential.

We purposely expose our students to different tutors, as how can one person possibly teach you everything you need to know about the industry? The best students learn from a range of tutors with a range of techniques & skills.

We offer our own Diploma certificate upon completion of a CLMA course, alongside this we also offer exclusive access to our 'CLMA Events Team'. Our Events Team is our ongoing aftercare support team, which gives Graduates work experience opportunities, free on-going masterclasses & on going support from tutors & academy staff.

Lastly, even though our courses may seem long compared to others in the industry, our 12 weeks Ultimate Pro Course replaces a small degree. Who wouldn’t want to finish their full training and have started to build their portfolio in three months rather than three years?

To find out why our courses are the best in the industry & why we are the most relevant makeup school in the UK call us today, 0161 872 9111. Or book in a career chat with a friendly member of our team whenever suits you;

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