Quality Makeup Training: Why it's so important when starting out in the industry

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We hear it all the time, “how did you get into the industry? Where do you look for training? How do you know which course to complete?”

There’s lots of unanswered question for up and coming Artists, there’s also so many options now - 2 day courses; 2 week courses,  3 month courses, (even courses for just four hours – probably not the best route) the industry has become a minefield for any new Artist trying to find their way.

We are here to answer those all important questions for you and most importantly to assure you that quality training is the most important factor when you are starting out in the makeup industry.

The training you choose & the provider you choose sets you up in the industry & since you’re investing your money in training - you should be expecting the best. THE. BEST.

We think the most important factors when it comes to quality, is quality tutors. It is super important that the tutors & artist who are teaching you are experienced & working in the industry.

Makeup is an ever changing industry & it’s crucial that your tutors are up to date with skills & current trends. It’s also super important that your tutors can educate you on their experiences in the industry and point you in the right direction.

Here at CLMA all of our tutors are handpicked and specialised in the area that they are teaching, rest assured if a tutor is teaching London Fashion Week, they have worked LFW, if a tutor is teaching film & TV they have spent years building their craft in film & TV.

Another factor to take into consideration is time, how much time and attention do you receive during your course? We keep our classes small, no more than 10 people & this is so every student receives enough time & attention to fill their full potential.

At CLMA we simply cannot teach you enough about makeup over a two day period, our shortest course runs for two weeks, which is ten days of intense training. Once you start your course you’ll understand why every hour is precious. Hygiene practice alone can take a whole morning!

We also believe every new students should receive a makeup kit & brush set on their first day of training. This should include premium brands for you to begin to build your kit. Many establishments may offer a ‘discounted’ kit or a ‘student discount’, at CLMA we ensure your kit is here ready and waiting for your very first day. You shouldn’t be paying for a premium course with premium tutors to not receive the correct tools for the job.

That brings us on to cost, we hate discussing money in the Academy, its such a taboo topic, but if you go online you can see exactly how much we charge for each course. Our courses may seem expensive, they may seem to have a premium price tag but we believe you get what you pay for! Once you visit our Academy, have a chat with staff, tutors & take a look at our aftercare you will receive as part of the CLMA family, our courses are extremely competitive for what you're getting.

Top TIP: Always, always, always speak to the Academy you're going to train at, ask them every question you may have, visit if you can, the training provider should be happy with you visiting and accommodate a space for you to have a tour.

Don’t be scared to ask about job opportunities & what support is offered after your course.

If you feel you have any questions about any of our courses, or would like an Academy tour, call us today 0161 872 9111.

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