Online Makeup Courses – What You Should Expect

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Living in 2022 means living half your life online.

We constantly have our phone in our hands, scrolling. Think about it for a second, how much time in the day do you spend online? Shopping, chatting, communicating, it’s a great tool & now more than ever people are taking to the world-wide web to broaden their horizons & learn online. In a click of a button you can find a course available for your style of learning.

Here at CLMA we had to really consider taking our courses onto the online portal. We wanted to ensure the 5* service remained and the same style of learning was delivered to you as if you were here at the academy doing a face-to-face course.

The advantages of online learning - You can study anywhere, anytime & at your own pace. Perfect for parents or people with full time jobs!

The disadvantage to online learning - You don’t have access to a tutor in the moment.

These were our two biggest concerns when setting the online courses up, & thankfully we found a way around it!

Both of our online courses (beginner & advanced) are packed with content, each lesson still contains a theory based lesson, a practical demo with your tutor & a task/submission - this follows the same kind of format as our face-to-face courses.

For us, the task/submission part of the course is the most important part. How are you expected to grow & learn as an Artist, if you don’t have that one to one contact with your training provider?

This brings us on to what to look out for when you're choosing an online course.

  • How much content are you receiving & what exactly does it cover?

Are you just learning certain ‘looks’ or are you covering techniques, industry knowledge & how to refine your skill set?


  • Do you receive any makeup kit or bonuses with your course?

Receiving extras with your makeup course shouldn’t be a selling tool for course providers, it's an essential. You cant complete a practical course without the correct tools.

Our Complete Makeup Artistry course (beginner) provides you with a full makeup kit & brush set included in the cost.

We also include access to our ongoing student support team & free masterclasses. At CLMA we wanted to ensure our online students feel part of the CLMA family and have access to our network which is crucial for building connections.


  • Finally, how are you graded? How do you receive feedback & how do you ask questions?

Asking questions & receiving feedback is crucial to any online learning journey, how do you know if you're on the right track if you cant ask? Does your course provider offer an open door policy?

Our open door policy gives online students the chance to email over any questions & receive a weekly feedback call on their progress. We set tasks to see exactly how you are doing & provide feedback on your work. We even have a Facebook group with other online course member so it's a great platform to find mutual support!

We don’t agree with just handing out completion certificates once all the content has been watched. We ensure you have completed the work to the best of your ability, have completed all assignments & have received all the relevant support, before you receive your shiny qualification.

The above is just an insight into our online makeup courses, if you are thinking of studying online enquire today: [email protected] or call us for a friendly chat 0161 872 9111

Let's make it happen x

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