Networking, Test Shoots & Building My Portfolio as a Makeup Artist

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When you qualify as a Makeup Artist, you'll need to start building your portfolio.

Networking with other creatives and testing is a great way of doing that. But what is 'testing'? The term gets thrown around a lot and it can be quite confusing if you don't know what it is and how to organise a test shoot. 

Testing means you work collaboratively with other creatives in order to produce work for free. This is an incredible way of networking, meeting new people to potentially work with in the future and getting images to build your portfolio. Don't be put off by the fact you're working for free, in fact, get used to it! Think of testing as a way of building your portfolio full of images that will help you get to your dream client and paid jobs that you really love.

'How do I network and meet these creatives?' There are so many ways to get yourself out there and network with all these other creative people. There's always going to be new stylists, photographers and hair stylists on the scene so being a member of 'TFP' groups would be really beneficial to network. TFP or 'Trade For Photographs' group can be found on Facebook and is a space where creatives want to work collaboratively and trade their skills in order to get images for their own portfolios. Have a search and see if there's a group near you, search something along the lines of 'Northwest TFP for Models, MUAs & Photographers'. 

Another way of networking is to actively search on social media, are there any creatives you follow on Instagram whose work you like? Start communicating with them, like their work, leave a comment on something they've done that really inspires you. Then give them a message and see if they'd like to test with you sometime. 

When planning a shoot, think about what client you'd like to attract. Research into every element, not just the makeup or the hair. Look into what kind of clothes you envisage being used. Do they match to the brand you're trying to attract? Think about the location, will the shoot take place in a studio or outside on location? This can make the world of difference to the images and whole aesthetic of the shoot. All of these are options you should be thinking about if you're the one organising the shoot. Do your research into brands you like and make a few different mood boards of the direction you would like the shoot to go in. These can be then discussed with the other creatives involved and then you can work together to make it happen! Always be willing to compromise and understand that it's not just your work you're creating, it's for everyone else too, so be understanding with changes and always listen.

When you train in makeup you sometimes don't get the bonus of learning all the business side to the industry and how to network with people. In this industry if you don't ask, you don't get! Here at Cassie Lomas Makeup Academy our tag line is 'We don't just teach makeup, we nurture careers' and it's true! We don't just teach the makeup techniques on our courses, we also teach the business side of the industry. How you get clients and network with people, how to market yourself, how act on jobs/shoots and most importantly... how to get re-booked on jobs!

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