Breaking Down the Barriers

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Deciding to change career is a brave step to make, but equally it’s an extremely nerve-wracking time. We then find ourselves coming up with reasons to delay getting started. Next thing we know, it’s 12 months later and we’re in the same spot. Still not living the dream. 

We hear people say all the time “I’m too old,” “I have to work my full-time job to pay my bills so can’t start studying,” “I can’t afford to re-train,” “What’s the point when there’s no guarantee of work.” Any of these sound like you? 

Well, let me be the one to tell you…you’re not too old. You can study around work, and there is work at the end of it. You just need to commit and go for it. 

You absolutely can learn to do makeup online, and our Online Courses have been specifically designed to overcome the issues of time and money. You can learn everything about fashion and bridal makeup which you would learn on our academy course for an accessible price. We provide 16 in-depth lessons covering all things makeup with the option to split the course payment over up to 8 months with no finance. 

Makeup is an ever-changing industry so we’ve revamped our courses to keep up with current trends and techniques and we make sure ALL our tutors are working MUAs – who, by the way, were once in your position but are now flying in their careers following their CLMA training. 

Following our course redesign, we’ve managed to reduce the course length of our Bridal and Fashion Courses but still provide the same quality education meaning you can be out there earning money quicker – and for a smaller price tag. The 5-day courses are intense but completely worth it and based on the feedback we’ve had from students – we’re confident you’ll get right to where you want to in your career with these courses. 

Ever thought about being agency represented? It’s no secret that large clients (with big budgets) would much prefer sourcing their glam team from an agency where they can be assured they’re getting top quality artists. To give the people who are serious about a career in makeup the chance to be considered for agency representation we have created our Elite Makeup Artistry and Mentoring Programme which consists of a 10 week all-makeup-areas course held at our Manchester makeup academy, followed by 6 months of mentoring from the top MUAs and portfolio building (this segment includes our online pro makeup course), then automatic signing to our sister agency, Creatives Agency. Literally the dream!  

Our Course Prospectus is now available to download - click here to download.

Top TIP: Always, always, always speak to the Academy you're going to train at, ask them every question you may have, visit if you can, the training provider should be happy with you visiting and accommodate a space for you to have a tour. 

Don’t be scared to ask about job opportunities & what support is offered after your course. 

If you feel you have any questions about any of our courses, or would like an Academy tour, call us today 0161 872 9111. 

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